Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sue and Brian, are you out there?

I was driving my nephew somewhere. I hadn't really spent any time with him for many years except seeing him when I went to visit his father and mother. It was nice being alone in the car with him. He was about 23 years old.

At one point he asked me about Sue and Brian. I said 'Sue and Brian, who are they?' He said "You asked us to pray for them years ago?'

Sue and Brian? Sue and Brian? I asked them to pray for Sue and Brian?

Tiny bells started ringing in my head. 'How long ago did I ask you to pray for them?'

'When I was a little kid. You came to visit one day and asked us to remember a couple called Sue and Brian who were having some sort of difficulty. You were in such-and-such a parish.'

'But that was over ten years ago! And you've been praying all this time?'

'We all have, every night, at Rosary time. We pray for vocations and then for Sue and Brian.'

I couldn't believe it. And though I kept asking myself 'Who the hell are Sue and Brian?' the bells in my head were not getting any louder.

Anyway, somewhere in Australia there is a very lucky couple who have had 7 people praying for them for over ten years. And I still can't remember them, or what the problem was.


  1. Absolute classic!
    Good to hear how those people took your advice to pray for Sue and Brian seriously.
    Maybe you should mention my name every now and then, and I might get prayers for 10yrs straight!

  2. Faithful prayer for ten years. Such wonderful fidelity! Lucky Sue and Brian!

  3. my dear mother has been praying for the whole world for decades. all of us. you, me, everyone. if all of us would pray for the entire world our whole lives, well, that would be wonderful wouldn't it? priests do this every day of their lives. can we say the same thing?