Thursday, May 17, 2012

All too much ..

One of the things I don't like about the Catholic Church is the poor communication.

I mean, why should I have to learn from one of the teachers at the school that it's no longer a sin to miss Mass on Sunday if it's a bit inconvenient to go? And why should the sacristan have to update me about people not needing to go to confession anymore. They could have mentioned it at the Priests' Inservice last month. And how embarrassing to have to be corrected by the Religious Education Coordinator for using the word 'sin' in my homily! Apparently we are supposed to say 'moving away from God's love' now. She might have left it till after the staff meeting instead of making such a big deal of it.

It's all too much for me. Why hasn't the bishop said anything? Yesterday I discovered, from one of the good Sisters from over the road that I've been wasting my time encouraging Eucharistic Adoration. Apparently they've decided it's much better to adore God at home.

What puzzles me, though, is that no one can tell me where I can get a list of these new teachings. Surely Rome must have put out something! My guess is that it's an update to the Catechism.

I asked, silly me, at the Liturgy Meeting and at the Parents and Friends and got what I deserved. I said I was wondering if anyone had any document from Rome or any information at all about the new teachings that had come out. Well, you should have seen the amazement on their faces! It was like they had been practising for a moment like this because they all looked at me in utter disbelief and said, 'Dear me, "John", everybody knows the Church has moved on!'

I can tell you I felt like a real dill. Just wait till I see the bishop next .. I'll tell him to get his act into gear and start informing his priests about all these changes to Church teaching.

(NB - all characters mentioned above are entirely fictional and do not refer to you or anyone you might know, or any of their relatives or friends.)


  1. The reason you do not know about the changes to the CCC is because you have the wrong catechism. The new catechism is based on the religion of self. This religion defines or redefines all reality.

  2. Very clever!
    The irony of this is that the libs have really sabotaged the rest of us 'in the pews', through our priests. We could equally say of our priests - Why don't you teach us about missing Mass still being a mortal sin? Why don't you keep reminding us of sin and calling us to repentence? Why don't you tell us anymore that we still need to fast on Fridays? etc.
    If we don't have strong, fearless leadership from parish priests (i.e. who are not intimidated by the libs), we can all fall into the false belief that the Church has changed the teaching on these things. These are sad times when we have to double-check what our priests tell us against what the Catechism teaches...
    (But it is delightful to have a light-hearted version of it!)

  3. The characters may be fictional in your little scenario but unfortunately, they mirror all too faithfully the thoughts and beliefs of so many in our parishes today. This could be just one way ....small but effective...of helping folk to think and to make them aware of the false teachings that are all too prevalent.

  4. Vir Speluncae CatholicusNovember 23, 2007 at 4:07 PM

    Remember that Our Lady of Akita was sent by her Son for a reason.

    None of the garbage taking place in The Church should shock or suprize any of us. We were warned as far back as 1973.

    But you keep fighting the good fight. The Holy Mother has you under the protection of her mantle. The fruits of the Motu Proprio and the subsiquent return to orthodox Catholicism will take many, many years to manifest itself.

    But rest assured... manifest itself it will!!

    May God bless,

    PS, I've added you to my blogroll!