Sunday, May 17, 2015

Asking questions ..

Hospitals are full of questions.

Why does God allow this to happen to me? Why doesn't God heal me? Where is God?

I've found that when people develop in their lives a real relationship with God and begin to pray and practise their faith, it's not that the answers come - it's more that the questions just disappear.


  1. If only non-believers believed or knew that!
    Thank God for the grace of faith and trusting in Him:)

  2. There's something to be said for the theology of suffering. And the questions really are still there, but they are much deeper, they are beyond words...and they are addressed to God alone. As John Paul II said in Salvici doloros, God expects these questions, and it is there that He meets us, ready to answer, drawing us to Him.

    A year ago I wrote a paper on suffering and mercy, based on the above text and Dives in miseriacordia. It was during lent, as it happened, and I think I'll be drawing on what I learned for the rest of my life. Suffering makes sense now where it didn't before.

    So it's not that the questions go's just that they can't be asked of another human, but rather from the soul to God alone.

    My humble opinion.

  3. Thanks for the comment, Adoro. My father once said he never once questioned whether my mother was faithful to him in their marriage. He said that, given the quality of their relationship and their communication, the question just wasn't appropriate. It just never arose. That is the kind of relationship with Jesus I am speaking about - one that is so strong the questions just don't have meaning in terms of the love relationship.

  4. Yes. Such true and comforting words!

    I also find a link here with the lovely Divins Mercy prayer: "Jesus, I trust in you".....then there is no need of questions.

  5. Yes, wonderful connection there Delima! So true.